The Skinny on Reskinning

If you’re like me you’ve looked past the advertising of the high resolution artwork that is the vinyl car wrapping/advertising industry and have posed the question, ’can that guy in the 287 passing lane see me, or should I be worried about how much periph he’s sacrificed?’

It seems all around Westchester, re-skinned cars are corporate brander’s and modern marketer’s new favorite space for ads.

Often it’s small businesses keen to individualize and advertise while on a house call or making a delivery.

The skins sell for between $1500 and $3000 depending on, of course, how wide your load is.

The new edition to the dealerships along Route 119 in White Plains, Smart, is ahead of the ‘curb’ on these mobile billboards because of their interchangeable panel system that enables rapid re-skinning with as much down time as my aunt needs for her new set of tips at the nail salon.

The Smarts have booked marketers from McDonalds to Nokia.

The skin which is bonded to the car also has the dual advantage of forming a protective coating which can be stripped off to reveal the original, as-new-as unblemished paint the car came with.

This newer age marketing dream and driving diversion is made of vinyl and can come in surprisingly high resolution.

Though to ease the reservation’s of those of you shaking in your driving gloves, the decals that span the windows of these cars are typically perforated so that it is still possible for passengers to look outside and avoid reevaluating your paint job.


People have begun to recognize that the company car is more than a way to keep the mileage down on the family sedan, but allows their stores to have a face beyond the person behind the counter.

We make generalizations about the cars these businesses drive that are represented by each company. There’s little surprise that Best Buy choose the VW Bugs to be their Geek Squads wheels.

Some of the first people on board were area radio stations, florists and the less innate dog groomers.

It’s a way to show the market that you’re out there and you want their business by exciting the eye. Businesses that have to rely on drive-by recognition are now able to be the drivers in the situation. 

There’s a huge market out there for skins on mobile phones and pizzas with extra toppings.

Niche marketing has literally taken to the roads and the value of being different has gone up.





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