Did that VP just wink at me?

This is a weekly segment that I’m going to be doing that gives some insights, discussions and ponder-extract about issues that may need to be considered before sending out that next email.

My father is a man who sees email as a positive in many ways except in what it is doing to the English language. He even cites word terrorists as the culprits. And I to a degree agree with him. I think there is a place for formality and a place in which the casual-nation is the ruling body. For example here in my blog I write with a completely different syntax than I do when writing for the Business Journal.

Emails are no different, surely the email you write to your friend will be different from the one that you’re writing to your newest client.

One group of people I’d like to confront are those, especially the ones I have not met, who shoot me a business email and end it with a emoticon.

People need to remember that they are representing themselves when they send a message and may be having the only marketing interaction their company will have with this individual.

If you want them to know you’re a charming artist, you might want to save it for somewhere more conversational and appropriate, like a gala or a speed-dating session.

All I’m saying is that if there are any 🙂 on a business email you may want to reconsider. Do you really want that lawyer you never met thinking, ‘this person must have 30 small stuffed animals scattered across the back window of their car.’


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