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In an interesting ploy, Webster Banks across Westchester and Fairfield are serving FREE ice-cream from a Webster Bank ice-cream truck, a few days at a time. This Wednesday through Sunday Webster’s truck has/is spending their time on Atlantic St.

I can’t help but attempt to dissect the marketing rationale being used here. I’m fairly sure that a dollop of softserve would get me to mow a lawn, or for the right person drive them to Westchester Airport, but switch banks? I’m not sure I’d be willing to make that kind of commitment on the basis of a dairy snack, no matter how delicious.

Though I could see this kind of marketing working for the down-the-road/possible customer.

I can imagine them walking into their banks branch, finding yet again the lack of a pen or even worse deposit slip, and being pissed enough to think about becoming a free agent. At which time of course the thought bubble of the bank that masqueraded as Mr. Softie that hot Thursday in July pops up onto your screen, and then they’ve got you hook, line and sinker. It’s like a ticking advertorial bomb waiting until your consciousness decides it’s your time to become a customer. I would think that this would work best in industries whose need is constant. You’re always going to need a bank. Unless you want to be the old coot on the block who hides money in cookie jars and in the freezer, banks have your whole life to corral you into their stock. 
Though in that case I would think it would be just as advantageous to drive around downtown, and cover some ground. Without doubt the corporate animals, lucky enough to be outside and hear the tell tale music, would set aside all professionalism to run down the street for the glory of a King Cone.

A complete schedule of the trucks tour can be found here, for those of you ice-cream crazy enough to map out the route in advance: .


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