I’m having trouble treating you like a person but still want business.

It with no end bothers me when people who are busy need to remind you that they are busy and not happy about it.

This is an occurrence that has caused me to change my five favorite restaurants in Westchester multiple times in the past few years and even caused me to say, and mean, “I will never shop there again.”

When I fling on my customer hat I generally enjoy going into a small business to find that it is busy. It makes me think that this is a place where people go to find the good stuff, and that I’m one of those people. It also makes me more likely to buy something, the green is practically spent.

Though the same business can easily turn off these customers by being overly busy, that is too busy to say, “We’re busy isn’t it great, sorry I can’t talk for longer.” McDonalds thinks it’s good enough to tell us on their menu board that ‘smiles are free,’ well it’s not; if they’re free then that must be why they’re usually all out. Welcome to contraire station where good personalities are actually as important to customers as packaging, taste, style and how easy a return policy is.

Forget the Soup Nazi, and his Stalin-esque approach to the local eatery game. He knew naught of the ways of creating an environment in which the brand is something people are comfortable with, majorly because part of that brand are the people who work there.

Remember the definition of a maitre d is not a greeter but someone who is paid to be busy and make an establishment busy.  When a line is out the door “over there against the wall,” and pointing can be replaced by “Welcome, we’ll be ready for you in just a second. Would you mind waiting over there please?”

A perfect example, though fresh out of the gates and still in the exciting stating phase of business, is the Iron Tomato in White Plains. I’ve seen all the food before but the people who work there are excited about it and excite people about their products. This is the difference between a customer using the cash in their wallet or needing to swipe the card.

Just because you’re a professional doesn’t mean that you can’t be an enjoyable professional. Strained workers strain work and relations with the customers. It is better to revel and encourage your staffers to revel in your hectic days; more profit for you.  



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  1. Well said Great information, keep up the great work!

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