I Ordered a Turtle-neck and got Capris and a Explanation, Thanks.

There are a variety of things that I buy via the internet, clothes and soccer equipment are the majority.

Recently I ordered a variety fresh new gear from a company that shipped the wrong item and the item that they did ship was broken. I sent it back and was told it will take three or four weeks to process my return. Cue summer fading to fall and the time-lapse photography bringing beautiful foliage into my life.

I wrote an email back, asking my favorite question of questions, why? They responded, and explained that they were  NOT (capitals are a huge put off, strike one), a big company but small and may take us a little longer than others.

Which of course caused me to pose again, why?

Do smaller companies operate in an alternate slow motion universe in which a John Madden voiceover describes everything that happens, because then yea I’d expect it to take a little longer.

 Though in this case the more important issue than my knee jerk why, is something that this size conscious company and all companies of a similar size should realize when operating online. I, a nameless consumer that doesn’t want to travel to a mall and therefore could give a shrimp platter about how small they are, just want good easy service. I wanted to be able to open the package, give a wash, and fold the purchase into the ranks of my wardrobe. Instead I’m forced into correspondence with a business member that I can only think to describe as a whiner.

Am I being to harsh on the in-general little guy? I already gave my business, I purchased and wanted to support the grassroots. I simply felt the reward of making the right choice was the only part left in the equation, alas.

If your small company can’t deliver ‘better’ in things people care about like service, why should I support you? I’m not saying you must be expected to do everything better, but at least do not expect me to listen to the way the ripped edges of the world haven’t left any room for you.

The internet has allowed small businesses to prosper and expand and essentially rule; they can have a better website, better customer support, write a better newsletter than the big guys. The passionate alternative buyer, i.e. those who’ve embraced the internet and its buying prowess, are happy to embrace the small company, unless…






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