What kinda mileage d’you get on your motivation

This week I have been making a concerted effort to take people at a value that’s beyond face.

As a reporter I’m always looking for the motivation in a story. How did this person get here and why?

You need to understand motivation in order to make sense and get a full picture. When I see a person or a business taking an action, my first move is to figure out the motivation. The, what’s in it for them?

We want to know why someone is acting the way they are. Often creating a niche, even if it is identified as a niche, will be appreciated because of its creative nature. That is where we move beyond the monetary value into intrinsic. Everyone wants to know what makes you tick. This is why a brand history/identity, is so important. People want a story, whether you are the muses of website design or the toiling metal fabricators who we, or I, decide to imagine going home to caves and pound ore in the center of mountains. It’s about the story.

Though often we’ll find that the reflex explanation of motivation is, what else, money.

He gets on the train at 6am and off at 8pm because He gets paid soooooo much.

Going out of business sale because This place is bleeding, let’s go save.

This sitcom character drinks Coke because They advertise with the network.

We are the children of a consumerism and many of us have developed a slight x-ray vision to these connections.

We find answers before we even ask questions. Sometimes these answers turnout to be wrong.

People don’t volunteer long hours at the museum or at suicide hotlines for the money, there isn’t any. No one’s paying you to read this blog, and the same for the writing of it.

People don’t work nights and weekends at some jobs because they have to, they most likely have colleagues that get paid just as much who work less.

People should be seen as different from the businesses they represent.

Money fuels the ride, but a person in business is most likely there for a reason other than simply to achieve the money, directly or indirectly, negative or positive. Rarely is the situation so static. They may be there for the kids they love, the habit they can’t kick, or as a step to a dream in the future.

Whatever the true motivator try remembering that there always is at least one.



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