So, hello, I’m Ryan Doran, a reporter with Fairfield County and Westchester County Business Journals, and this will be the inaugural blogging venture for me.

The purpose of this blip on the blogosphere is to provide a, grand in nature, broad in scope, look at how people are getting to business and staying at it, in Westchester and its bordering brethren.

As a Westchesterite in his formative years I often travel through the labyrinth of our county checking out what’s new and what’s next.

I daily utter phrases like, ‘we should check that place out’, or ‘I wonder how’, or ‘why would they do that’.

These are observations on the marketing and design techniques that other entrepreneurial Westchestarians are utilizing in our county; a county that if it were a child at a dinner table would be forced to eat its vegetables because it doesn’t know how lucky it is.




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